We try to monitor energy consumption  to decrease use if possible.
We endeavour to evaluate and implement  energy saving practices e.g. towel rails switched off and rooms  unheated when vacant.
Our guests can help by turning off lights, and other appliances when not in use.
Most light bulbs have been changed to low energy compact fluorescent bulbs

 We use Energy efficient heat exchangers...cool in Summer, warm in winter.
Guest towels are not changed daily except on request.
All laundry is line dried whenever possible. Tumble-dryer is available for wet days.
Appliances are cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency.
Water saving practices are in place - we use a front loading washing machine and try to only operate the dishwasher and washing machine when full.  Toilets are fitted with half flush button and all sinks have plugs. Showers rather than baths!

We strive to use local organic produce and buy New Zealand made products whenever possible.
We grow some of our own produce and compost our kitchen waste.

The premium coffee that we use is certified as organic Fair Trade
Dispensers for toiletries, (shampoo/ shower gel/soap) are used in bathrooms. Single use items are not used to reduce waste. 
All kitchen scraps are composted. The compost is then added to our veggie garden.
Tins, glass, plastics, paper and cardboard are all recycled .Bins provided for guest use.
Wherever possible items are purchased in bulk to reduce packaging.
I'm sure we can do better - so any suggestions you may have would be welcome!